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Dr.  Robert Stewart

Dr. Robert Stewart

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Robert (Bob) Stewart is Professor of Philosophy and Theology, and Greer-Heard Professor of Faith and Culture, at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary where he directs the Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum in Faith and Culture and the Institute for Christian Apologetics. He is in his 19th year of teaching at NOBTS. He is also the pastor of Ames Blvd. Baptist Church in Marrero, LA. He has authored or edited 9 books and numerous articles in journals or books. In addition to teaching, he frequently speaks in churches and on university campuses, as well as researching and writing on the subjects of Philosophy of Religion, Christian Theology, Christian Apologetics, and the Historical Jesus. He enjoys golf, music (his first degree was in music—but he got over it!), and spending time with his wife, Marilyn, and three grown children (and his two sons-in-law). He resides in New Orleans, LA.

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