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Dr.  Gary R. Habermas

Dr. Gary R. Habermas

Liberty University

Gary R. Habermas (Ph.D., Michigan State University) has authored, co-authored, or edited some 43 books, half of which center on various aspects of Jesus’ resurrection, including “Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?” (Harper) and “The Risen Jesus and Future Hope” (Rowman & Littlefield). He has also contributed about 75 chapters and essays to additional books, plus over 150 articles and reviews in journals and other publications. The publishers of these items include Oxford, Cambridge, Blackwell, Harper, Harcourt-Brace, Dell, Fortress, Baker, InterVarsity, and Zondervan. He has been a Visiting or Adjunct Professor at more than 15 different graduate schools and seminaries in the United States and other countries, having taught dozens of graduate courses in these contexts. He is currently Distinguished Research Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Liberty University, teaching full-time in the Ph.D. program at Liberty's Theological Seminary.

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