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Dr. Larry Barnett

Dr. Larry Barnett

Next Generation Project

Larry Barnett is an ordained minister with the Church of God Anderson and is President and primary investigator of the Next Generation Project, a ministry research and discipleship training organization. Over the past five years, the Next Generation Project has conducted a major scientific research program focused on three primary questions: (1) why is American Christianity in decline? (2) why has decline been greater among younger Americans? and (3) what specific steps can congregations take to nurture strong disciples with a healthy, thriving faith? In addition to his work with the Next Generation Project, Larry has pastored churches in Indiana and Texas and has taught at public and private universities. Larry's theological training is from Evangel University and Fuller Seminary, and he studied psychology at the University of Minnesota. He is passionate about evangelism, apologetics, and young adult discipleship. He is married with four adult children.

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