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Dr. Scott Harrower

Dr. Scott Harrower

Ridley College, Melbourne

Dr. Scott Harrower is Associate Professor of History and Theology at Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia. He earned an undergraduate science degree from Deakin University (Melbourne); a Dip. Sp. from Salamanca University (Spain), as well as an M.Div., Grad.Dip., and M.Th. from the Australian College of Theology. Dr. Harrower also holds a Ph.D. from Trinity International University (Chicago), that focused on 20th century philosophy and theology. Publication, teaching and research interests include: Origins of Christianity and its expansion; philosophy of religion; trinitarian theology. Dr. Harrower is currently involved in the following projects: Trauma and Trinity (forthcoming) and The Relevant Trinity (forthcoming, Lexam Press).

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