Denton Bible Church,
Denton, TX.

Featuring some of the top Christian thinkers and speakers in the country: J.P. Moreland, William Lane Craig, J. Warner Wallace, Gary Habermas, Craig Hazen, Greg Koukl, and many more.

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Attendee Endorsements

"These conferences are spiritually enriching because they show how Christian faith is rooted in knowledge."
John, 2008 attendee

"You don't have to have intellectual doubts to appreciate apologetics. But if you do have such doubts, learning to expose those doubts to Christian knowledge and the Spirit of Truth can be a smart thing."
Vanessa, 2007 attendee

"The resources abound at this conference for how to think seriously about faith and how to respond to tough objections against Christianity?"
Michelle, 2008 attendee

"I experienced a treasure-trove of skilled thinkers all in the same place for the same conference. And yet, no one came off as the biggest head in the room."
Mark, 2007 attendee

"Where else can you get such a first-rate meal of apologetics training at a very inexpensive rate?"
Desiree, 2008 attendee

Speaker Endorsements

"Young people today need apologetics training more than ever. The annual EPS apologetics conference offers students the opportunity to learn why they believe as they do from leading apologists in the world"
Sean McDowell

"Where can you find a line-up of world-class scholars like those at the EPS annual apologetics conference?  I often go to just sit there and listen to the other speakers!  When competing views such as the remnants of the New Age movement, the New Atheism, postmodernism, and other "isms" are so common, it is more crucial than ever that Christians know what they believe.  Take advantage of this incredible event!"
Gary Habermas

"No ivory tower theologians here!  The apologetics conference is a powerful mixture of the brightest minds in Christianity with lay-level presentations and audience interaction.This weekend is one of the most resourceful, edifying, and confidence-building events available to the body of Christ!

The EPS apologetics conference offers a time of edification and encouragement for the body of Christ. Christians from all over the country come to hear confidence-building reasons to affirm their trust in the Lord. They leave challenged, equipped, and hungering for the knowledge of God.

There are people coming to this event from all over the world.  At the conference last year, I met people from as far away as California, Alaska, Bermuda, Sweden, and the United Kingdom to be at the EPS conference in Rhode Island. Plus, I met many local people who were appreciative of the chance to attend such a quality event."
Mary Jo Sharp

"The annual apologetics conferences are an important part of the ministry of the Evangelical Philosophical Society. Through them believers are equipped to understand and respond to many of the questions and concerns that are facing the church in our contemporary setting. In its own unique way, I think these conferences contribute to the Church's responsibility of fulfilling the Great Commission by strengthening the faith of believers in a life of faith seeking understanding as disciples of Jesus. Not only will believers be more confident in their ability to defend the faith, but also to commend it with passion, conviction, and proper humility. I am excited to be a part of such an important endeavor to build up the Church of Jesus Christ."
Patrick T. Smith